A3 Rolygate Stairgate A3 Rolygate Stairgate A3 Rolygate Stairgate A3 Rolygate Stairgate

A3 Rolygate Stairgate

With the A3 Rolygate Stairgate you are assured that your child can play safely anywhere in the house, even near the stairs! The A3 Rolygate is made to protect your little one from stairs or a doorway.

Rollable system

The Rolygate stairgate is a super safe rollable stairgate. Adults can easily operate the gate with just one hand, but thanks to the double action it is impossible for children to open the Rolygate. Moreover, the gate in rolled up state is only 8,5 cm. wide, so you can save a lot of space compared with other stairgates. The Rolygate is adjustable from 0 to 118 cm.

Convenient in use

It is very easy to install and remove the A3 Rolygate Stairgate. You can remove the gate very easy without screwing. Only the fastening plates and locking brackets remain on the wall. The recommended height of stairgates is 75 cm. For extra safety, A3 has made the Rolygate 85 cm. in height.


  • adjustable from 0 to 118 cm.
  • height from the floor: 85 cm.
  • rollable system
  • meets European safety standard NEN EN 1930:2011
  • 30 years of safety experience

€ 67,50 € 79,95 -16%

3-5 working days

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