A3 Safetydoor Stairgate A3 Safetydoor Stairgate

A3 Safetydoor Stairgate

With the A3 SafetyDoor Stairgate you are assured that your child can play safely anywhere in the house, even near the stairs! The A3 Safetydoor is made to protect your little one from stairs or a doorway. 

Safe & handy

There are two actions needed for opening the A3 Safetydoor, this makes it impossible for your child to open the stairgate. However, the gate can be opened with one hand by parents! In short: very safe en handy in use!

Easy installation

This stairgate is easy to install thanks to the included screws. This way you don't need an extra support bar. The A3 SafetyDoor Stairgate can be placed up and downstairs.

Robust design

The A3 Safetydoor Stairgate is made of a sturdy metal with white powder coating. The stairgate is adjustable from 75,5 cm. to 116 cm. wide which makes it suitable for almost every opening. The recommended height for the A3 Safetydoor is 85 cm. from the ground.

€ 69,95

3-5 working days

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