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Bugaboo Organizer

You and your little one go on many adventures together. Taking trips to the supermarket, taking long strolls in sunny parks and the frequent visits to all your friends and family. You two are on the road a lot and so you need your personal belongings. But where to store all your personal items and those of your little companion? Bugaboo has just the thing!

New Bugaboo Organizer

The new and improved Bugaboo Organizer is the ideal solution for parents who want to keep their personal belongings close and desire easy storage. The organizer is equipped with a thermo insulated bottle holder, multiple zipper pockets and other pockets for the belongings of you and your little one. 

Grab & go

You can secure the Bugaboo Organizer to the handlebar or behind the seat of your Bugaboo stroller. Convert your Bugaboo Organizer to a convenient mini bag with just one hand because of grab & go.

For all Bugaboo strollers

The Bugaboo Organizer 2.0 is compatible with all Bugaboo strollers. The pouch is washable on 30°C.

€ 49,95

2-3 working days

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