Delivery time

Products in stock

When your item is in stock we will send your products within 1-3 working days.
Depending on PostNL or DHL you will receive your order, in most cases, the next working day. In extreme cases (like extremely busy days, Holidays and strikes) the packages can be held up on delivery. In these cases we are dependant on PostNL/DHL deliveries.

When you live abroad the delivery time after we send your order will be 2-4 working days.

Please note: the website sometimes doesn't show the up to date stock. It can happen that the website shows that your product is in stock when this is not the case. In this case we always contact you with the estimated delivery time. You can choose whether you want to wait for your order or if you want to cancel it.

Product not in stock

We don't have all products in stock. Sometimes it can happen we have to order a product for you. In that case we depend  on our suppliers. In all case we try to deliver your order as soon as possible. We will always contact you with the estimated delivery time. When this delivery time is too long for you, we can always cancel your order.


For the delivery time of furniture, please contact us. We will check the delivery time for you at our supplier. We will contact you when your order arrives at our store. We deliver the furniture ourselfs, this way we try to limit the chance of damaging the furniture. We contact you via e-mail with a date and time that we want to deliver your order.

Please note: we only deliver furniture in the Netherlands. If you live abroad please contact us, so we can see if there is anything we can do for you.