How to order

You can easily place an order on our website by following these steps:

Place order on our website

- Find your product and place it in the shopping cart
- You automatically go to a new screen where you can see that the item is placed in the shopping cart
- You can choose if you want to continue shopping or if you want to complete the order
- Fill out your e-mail address, you now can choose if you want to create an account or continue without an account
- Fill out all the asked details and choose 'next'
- Now you choose 'place order'
- Afterwards you will receive a e-mail confirmation of your order.

Place order via e-mail

It is also possible to place an order via e-mail. Let us know which products you want to order and send us your personal details. We will send you an offer and order confirmation which you ave to confirm before we can place your order.
Send the e-mail to