Safety 1st. Easy Close Metal Stairgate Safety 1st. Easy Close Metal Stairgate

Safety 1st. Easy Close Metal Stairgate

A stairgate can absolutely not be missed in a house with curious and enterprising children. Before you know it your baby will crawl around towards the stairs and other unsafe places. The Safety 1st. Easy Close Stairgate will block any desired passage in a secure way.

Maximum safety

This stairgate from the Safety 1st. contains Easy Close. This is why the stairgate can easily be opened by one hand with the new ergonomic handle. The stairgate is 72 cm. high and fits an opening of 73 to 80 cm. wide. With the Safety 1st. extensions (7, 14 and 28 cm.) you can extend the gate up to 136 cm. wide!

Secondary lock system

The Safety 1st. Easy Close Metal Stairgate contains a secondary lock system, This way the most adventurous children can not even open the gate. Besides that the Easy Close stairgate has a wide opening where you can walk through. The opening can be opened both ways for the maximal flexibility. 

Do I need an extension?

Measure the opening where the gate is to be fitted to ensure that the opening is between 73 cm. - 136 cm. Refer to the table below to identify if an extension is required.

Min. widthMax. widthExtension required
73 cm.80 cm.None
80 cm.87 cm.7 cm.
87 cm.94 cm.14 cm.
94 cm.101 cm.7 cm. + 14 cm.
101 cm.108 cm.28 cm.
108 cm.115 cm.7 cm. + 28 cm.
115 cm.122 cm.14 cm. + 28 cm.
122 cm.129 cm. 7 cm. + 14 cm. + 28 cm.
129 cm.136 cm.28 cm. (2 pieces)

€ 29,50 € 34,95 -16%

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